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About us

About Hashingtalk

Hashingtalk is a blog that deals with the theme of cryptocurrency and its importance in today’s world.
Cryptocurrency is a technology that has come to stay and the future will surely have this technology, so as such, we felt the need to create a blog where you looking for more information on this subject could clarify your questions.
There are several currencies these days, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin among others, and there is a need for a place where you can find reliable information about them.


Hashingtalk solves this need and puts together on your page all the information you need to understand how the cryptocurrency world works.
We want you to understand as quickly and with the highest quality as possible, what is this new technology that everyone talks about and that will be part of the future of the next generations.
Hashingtalk is designed so that you have access to the information you need in a simple and fluid way and always with updated content that will help you a lot.

All about cryptoedas is in Hashingtalk.